Methylcobalamin Resources

We can't stress this enough: Whether you buy online, by phone, by mail, or at you local retail store — BE SURE you're getting METHYLCOBALAMIN, and not cyanocobalamin.

If you're not sure about a product, speak to the seller directly or look for a resource that states clearly that you're getting METHYLCOBALAMIN and not "regular" B12. Cyanocobalamin B12 is not stored in spinal fluid, and therefore has no effect on diabetic neuropathy — you must use methylcobalamin in order to see results.

Have trouble pilling your pet? Visit the Pure Advantage link below. They offer a spray form of the vitamin. You can spray it into wet food (a tiny amount of food), or spray into a syringe and squirt it down their throat. You give 6 squirts of this product to administer a 3MG dose, according to the manufacturer.

>>> IMPORTANT WARNING! Do not use any product (any supplement or food) if it contains XYLITOL. This has been shown to be toxic to cats and dogs. Always check the labels when buying in person, and ask if you're buying on the phone or online, where the manufacturers may not list all the ingredients prominently at their websites. Please NOTE that I cannot always verify the ingredient list for all of the vendors below - they may have changed suppliers since I posted the link, their suppliers may reformulate their products, etc..., all of which is out of my control. Before purchasing, ask or otherwise verify the ingredients on your own. Thank you!<<<

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Custom Medicine
Will make drops or capsules for you, uses no xylitol.
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New Zealand

We recommend LifeLink's XOBALINE tablets (and their new just-for-cats product, Zobaline, which has no fructose sweetener), because they're small, yet provide a good general/starting dose (3 MG). A 60-tablet bottle currently costs $15.51 (US dollars). They ship to the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and most anywhere in the world. Outside of the US and Canada, there's a $25 shipping charge. If that sounds like a lot, order several bottles at once — the shipping charge won't change, and you'll get more for your money.

The Wonder Laboratories resource comes to us courtesy of Susan Mize, a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. Visit her site at: Susan's diabetic cat benefited from the use of methylcobalamin, and she has one on to recommend it to her patients and the veterinarians she works with, and she reports that many dogs, whose conditions were deemed hopeless, are now up and walking, running, and enjoying their lives again. Thanks, Susan, for this resource, and for this great, encouraging news.

You can also try your local health food store or any pharmacy that sells vitamins, herbs, and "alternative" medicines. If they don't stock it now, they may be willing to order it and keep it in stock for you.

If you find other resources you'd like to see posted here, please let us know. We're happy to add them to the list. If you run into trouble with any resources listed here, let us know about that too.